From the roots of the geographical area of Lessinia in foothill to the embracing bends of the river Adige, the region of Valpolicella has been inhabited uninterruptedly from prehistory until today. Thanks to the protection of the Lessini mountains and a natural exposure to the southern sun, the climate of this wonderful valley is particularly mild, ideal for growing grapes.

There are many theories about the origin of the name Valpolicella. We at the Montecariano winery like to think that it derives from the Latin Vallis-polis-cellae, “valley with many (wine) cellars”, proof of a deep bond created between man and soil. Valpolicella’s most precious gift is its grapes: the vines extend over the whole territory, blending and integrating with the landscape.

Over time the grapes have created tradition and history, weaving their tendrils with the life of the growers and populations who chose this land as their home, inspiring the art of many artists and academics who here searched for refuge and beauty. Valpolicella, which is known worldwide as the cradle of the famous Amarone, is a region that is full of history inserted in a unique context, just like the wines it produces.