Wine Cellar

“We leave the wine in the winery for the necessary time so that it develops an elegance and a refined character that fill the palate with the typical hints of this soil - says enologist Pietro Babini -; The inviting freshness of cherries develops and adds character, setting the tone for the rich and lively spices of black peppercorns and mint. The slow and valued maturing of each wine makes this nectar silky and tasty, with overtones of cocoa and liquorice, crisp sensations of coffee and cinnamon, ending up between the soft arms of vanilla and chocolate. Important tannin content, a structure that guarantees excellent ageing”.

All this is the central theme that harmonises the patient work of enologists Pietro Babini and Marco Galtarossa, and ties it to the untiring cycle of nature that every year amazes in the glass.

Our wines are the product of this land. A mix of sensations, emotions and memories.
Their uniqueness and originality comes from all this.