Amandorlato 2012
Amandorlato 2012
The Amandorlato is the wine that best represents the delicate balance between wine art and the dry process. His harmony is reached in the exactly moment when the winemaker feels to have get the exactly point betwe- en the typical sweet taste of the fruits of Valpolicella and the intense taste of bitter almond that dries the palate. It is warm and enveloping as the gentle breeze that we breathe during harvest and reminds us of emotions related to a past that comes back to life.

The colour is a deep ruby red with hints of garnet. The majestic combination of its body and the smoothness of its aromas, reminiscent of a thick berry jam, is a feast for the senses.
Sour black and morel cherries blend with nuts, spices and cocoa. A play of sweet and dry surprises the palate before treating it to a final taste of almond. Persistent, majestic and velvety tannins.


The unique way in which it’s crafted makes “Amandorlato” a treat for cooks who love to experiment. Excellent with game dishes, herb-infused cheeses and with a range of chocolates.